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Toilet Repair in Edmonton, Red Deer & Surrounding Area​

Service for leaky, clogged & troublesome toilets.

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Toilet troubles?

Call the plumbing pros at Romaniuk to take care of clogs, leaks, and anything that’s troubling your toilet.

Clogged Toilets

A clogged toilet is one of the most common but frustrating plumbing problems for homeowners to face.

Sometimes a plunger can get the job done, but for those stubborn situations that end up feeling like a full-body workout with no results, you can be confident in the pros at Romaniuk Heating to clear things up.

Leaky Toilets

Is leaky toilet water making your bathroom the scariest room in the house?

Leaky toilets waste water and cost you significantly in increased energy bills.

When water leaks into the toilet bowl from the tank without being flushed, it can indicate a small tank leak due to a broken flapper or flapper seat.

Whatever the issue, no leak is too big for the plumbing pros at Romaniuk Heating.

Noises & Other Issues

Not sure what’s ailing your toilet but know those noises it’s been making mean nothing but trouble?

Give our team of professional plumbers a call to come down & take a look. We’ll determine what’s wrong and recommend the best course of action for you.

Get rid of toilet troubles. Book now.

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